Angel Refrigeration

Angel Refrigeration

Sponsor of Star Award - Best Cured, Fermented & Air Dried Ready-to-Eat Sausage Products made in the UK

About Angel Refrigeration

If you are looking to invest in or upgrade your charcuterie refrigeration then Angel Refrigeration, are the go-to team.

As sponsors of the World Charcuterie Awards, Angel Refrigeration specialise in equipment for Charcuterie & Butchery Production. Their product range includes Charcuterie Cabinets plus Fermentation and Drying Rooms plus ancillary equipment like hanging trolleys for storage.

The focus is on climate-controlled management, temperature humidity, air flow & air exchange over time all designed specifically for Fermentation, Drying & Curing. Suitable for all types of charcuterie, production, cheese maturing, and meat dry ageing.

What is unique about the service offered by Angel is that it truly is customer focused. They are passionate about developing a full understanding of the customer’s needs to ensure the ‘Right Equipment’ for the ‘Right Job’. The team works closely with every potential buyer to discuss their production process in order to ensure that every piece of equipment purchased supports or improves the process of Charcuterie Making.

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