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Winning an Award – Medals Matter

World Charcuterie Awards 2023 - Medal Winners on-pack

World Charcuterie Medals...Matter

The World is buying Charcuterie - but how do consumers know what to buy?

It’s just one of the reasons why we created the World Charcuterie Awards!

Medals tell consumers...

  • what tastes good
  • what’s a quality product to buy
  • what stands for excellence

Guess what? We’re not the only ones who think Medals Matter

World Charcuterie Awards Ltd conducted a survey through Winning an Award - Medals Matter exploring consumers’ Charcuterie purchasing preferences. We found 44% of regular Charcuterie buyers…“would choose to buy Charcuterie with a World Charcuterie Awards medal on-pack rather than a product with no medal”.

Our Medals are truly a Mark of Excellence

All products entered into the World Charcuterie Awards are judged blind by a panel of expert judges to ensure our Awards are scrupulously fair & honest.

The best products will win a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal…

To win GOLD
a product must score between 90-100 marks (out of 100)
a product must score between 80-89 marks (out of 100)
a product must score between 70-79 marks (out of 100)

The Value of a Medal

For Producers...

  • Provides proof of the quality, integrity & standards of your products 
  • Brings prestige, recognition & increased sales 
  • Is commercially valuable by opening doors to retail and food service key buyers and to Charcuterie Lovers
  • Creates a point of distinction for your products with opportunities for local, national and international PR and social media
  • Winning a Medal is a great team morale booster

Remember…44% of Charcuterie consumers surveyed would choose to buy a product displaying a World Charcuterie Awards medal

For Retailers & Food Service Operators…

  • Source medal-winning products with confidence – they’ve been assessed and judged by International Experts
  • Extend your Charcuterie range by choosing World Class Products as judged in the World Charcuterie Awards
  • Benefit from our publicity campaign of targeted PR and social media activities through increased sales of medal-winning products

For Charcuterie Lovers…

  • Buy medal-winning products in full confidence they’re first-class – they’ve been tried, tested and judged by the Experts
  • Expand and extend your knowledge and range by choosing World Award Winning products
  • Enjoy Charcuterie – above all else, but don’t forget to tell your family, friends & followers!

Let's enjoy together…

to spread the word about the amazing range, diversity and enjoyment award winning Charcuterie offers.

Let's get together…

to build on the Prestige and Importance of entering and winning the World Charcuterie Awards.

Let's work together…

to publicise the Awards to increase awareness, interest and knowledge in the World of Charcuterie.

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