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Producer Benefits of the World Charcuterie Awards

Why Enter the Awards...

  • your Charcuterie Products will be assessed and judged by a panel of experts who will provide valuable feedback
  • the development of your products, their excellence and the growth of your business will benefit
  • you will automatically be eligible for DISCOUNTED entry in the World Charcuterie Awards directory
  • you can access our successful social media campaigns

Let’s get together…

To build on the Prestige and Importance of entering and winning the World Charcuterie Awards.

An Important Announcement
from the World Charcuterie Awards

Firstly, we want to extend a sincere thank you for your support. The World Charcuterie Awards team are so buoyed up and excited by the interest in and enthusiasm for the launch of the first ever World Charcuterie Awards and we have such an incredible team of judges and experts working with us on this project.

It is with deep frustration and regret, therefore, that due to unforeseen changes in the regulatory environment for importing Charcuterie products, we have hit upon major obstacles to holding our judging event in March 2023.

We are working hard towards overcoming these issues so we can host the Awards in the near future and we hope very much that you will continue to follow and support our progress in this.
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We are so very grateful for your understanding, and we will update you as soon as we can. Do not hesitate, please, to get in touch with any queries.

3rd February 2023